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Cowboy Sweetheart
1. Cowboy Sweetheart
2. Act Naturally
3. Chime Bells
4. Coal Miners Daughter
5. Country Sunshine
6. Daddy’s Hand
7. Little Bitty
8. He Taught me how to Yodel
9. Rocky Top
10. Suds in a Bucket
11. My Little Lady Who
12. In the Garden

The Yodelin’ Cowgirl
1. The Yodelin’ Cowgirl
2. The Auctioneer
3. Country Roads
4. Yodeling Crazy
5. The Man of ‘87
6. Six Weeks Every Summer
7. You make me want to Yodel
8. To Daddy
9. Paper Roses
10. Littlest Cowboy Rides Again
11. Yodeling Cowgirls
12. Family Bible

Ridin’ High
1. Born Country
2. Coat of Many Colours
3. Mocking Bird Yodel
4. Thank the Cowboy for the Ride
5. I’ve Been Everywhere
6. Mama’s Hands
7. Ridin’ High
8. God Must be a Cowboy
9. Mama he’s Crazy
10. Swiss, Cowboy or Country
11. I wish I was a Little Boy Again
12. Let er Fly

Lookin’ Back
1. Looking Back to See
2. Yodeling at the Grand Ole Opry
3. Grandma’s Feather Bed
4. Thank God for Kids
5. Betcha my Heart I Love you
6. Daddy’s Girl
7. They Don’t Make ‘em Like Daddy
8. Cowboy’s Dream Girl
9. You Just Can’t See Him From the Road
10. Po Folks
11. Big Rock Candy Mountain
12. One Day at a Time

Yee Haw Yodelin’
1. Cowboy Sweetheart
2. Chime Bells
3. He Taught me How to Yodel
4. My Little Lady Who
5. The Yodeling Cowgirl
6. Yodelin’ Crazy
7. You Make me Want to Yodel
8. Yodeling Cowgirls
9. Ridin’ High
10. Mocking Bird Yodel
11. Swiss, Cowboy or Country
12. Yodelin’ at the Grand Ole Opry
13. Betcha my Heart I love you
14. Big Rock Candy Mountain
15. Cowboys Dream Girl

Lovin' The Ride
1. Watcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy
2. I told You So
3. Cannonball Yodel
4. You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma
5. Delta Dawn
6. Blue
7. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
8. 'Till I Can Make It On My Own
9. Where Did The Yodelers Go
10. Mama's Table
11. Once A Day
12. How Great Thou Art

Blessed Trails
1. In The Garden
2. Reins of Glory
3. You Raise Me Up
4. Family Bible 5. On my Father’s Side
6. The Gift
7. Old Rugged Cross
8. Angels Among Us
(dedication to the memory of my courageous friend Adam Fedosoff)
9. In God’s Time
10. Over The Rainbow

Naomi Bristow DVD
Special Feature: Shotgun Red Variety Show